Ellenberg & Hull represent clients in commercial, intellectual property, probate and civil litigation in San Jose, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area

We are trial lawyers headquartered in downtown San Jose, CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Our firm represents clients in commercial, intellectual property and probate disputes here and throughout California, in both state and federal courts. While our practice enjoys this focus, we accept any civil matter that interests us and provides us with an opportunity to add real value to the client outcome. This value derives from deep experience acquired and polished in dozens of complex cases tried to verdict and in many more cases litigated to resolution short of the courthouse. Our experience gives our clients access to seasoned, mature judgment that generates timely and effective legal effort. While this experience matters in every case, the ability to move confidently and quickly matters most when clients are faced with business emergencies such as the potential or actual loss of trade secrets, publication of confidential information, breach of covenants or the improper and tactical assertion of tort or contract claims that threaten employee mobility or the production, sale and distribution of products or services. In such circumstances our experience and judgment shine; we have “been there before” and we know what works and what doesn’t work. In addition to the economy of effort that our experience and judgment produces, our clients also enjoy fee flexibility, familiarity with a broad range of resolution strategies and prompt and full access to seasoned lawyers. Our experience in case after case teaches that such access allows complex cases to be successfully litigated and resolved by one, two or three lawyer teams-our offering.